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Transforming leaders in church, politics, business and education will lead to a transformed Africa.

We believe this is possible through a well crafted educational program devoted to training Christ-like leaders for the continent.

ILU-Burundi is a private, non-denominational and fully recognized university by the government of Burundi. ILU-Burundi exists to educate men and women to provide leadership to the church and society by spearheading spiritual, social and cultural transformation in Africa and beyond.

School of Theology and Missiology

School of Theology and Missiology addresses aspects of biblical , theological and missiological trends in order to promote the Gospel with the motivation of planting, developping and growing mission-minded churches.

School of Theology and Missiology is offering Bachelor in Thelology, Master of Art in Theology, Master of Art in Missiology, and Doctor of Missiology degrees.

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A word from the Vice Chancellor

As we embrace this year 2014, we at International Leadership University Burundi are asking you to prayerfully consider joining one of our programs if you are looking for a suitable university to attend.

The rise of new powers and demise of others, the unprecedented growth of technology and communication, the emergence of new markets and challenges have redrawn the parameters.

Today’s world confronts us with issues to be tackled in all dimensions through different lenses, and then we can comprehend the complexity of this new era called Globalization.

Traditional methods are revised paradigms shifted in order to meet the challenges of the 21st Century global markets, where individuals need to consider a number of factors before making important decisions on which university to choose. Here the question one may ask, "Is our Higher Education System paving the way for an evolutionary shift ?" The answer lies to us.

ILU Burundi has already taken up the mantle to prepare coming generations for the new era. Its main focus is on promoting Transformational Leadership which is key to Africa development, Good Governance, Management etc. through its Undergraduate and Graduate programs.

ILU Burundi also using a new approach of linking the gap between academia and private sector through knowledge sharing in class by CEOs, Managing directors and professional in the corporate world. We are pleased to announce to you the starting of our Master of Business Administration (MBA) soon this year.

ILU Burundi is a right choice for you

Welcome !

Prof. Remy Paul Bosela Eale

Our core values


- Promote value-based leadership that transforms organisations and societies
- Equip leaders with innovative and problem-solving skills
- Provide consultancy services and make recommendations for organizational development.
- Build a resource data bank for organizations and governments


- To educate and develop Christ centered multiplying leaders of integrity for holistic transformation
- in every domain of society in Africa and beyond


Christ centered leaders holistically transforming every domain of society.


- Integrity
- Biblical Stewardship
- Contextual Relevance
- Empowering Leadership
- Excellence

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